Reducing the Generation Gap


I am a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Specialist & Data Scientist. Language and patterns have always fascinated me. Other than work Fitness, Adventure Sports (Skiing, Surfing, Paragliding, Hiking) and Traveling describe me better.

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17 Responses

  1. Bhanukiran says:

    A very daring post. Its always tough to reveal personal things on blogs. Nice one keep blogging

  2. A K says:

    reminded me of Bommarillu :)… when you said — “Its just that I wanted to tell you long back but couldn’t get the courage.. ”

    Good post..

  3. Good post mama 🙂 Reminds me of some of my arguments with my father too!

  4. pavan says:

    nice one raa !!
    Can your father able to bare your philosophy 😀

  5. Aniket says:

    Classic. Something many of us might relate to. Stuff we should keep in mind as we start on our journey as responsible adults and stuff we ought to come back to, time and again, year after year, to have a reality check on ourselves.
    Needless to say, keep blogging!

  6. You are a real talker dude !! Nice one , keep blogging.

  7. Avinesh says:

    @A K: Infact i related most of the incidents of Bommarillu with our life.. The haircut,shopping etc…

    @Pavan: My dad is getting used to this.. :D..

  8. Karan says:

    Superb post. Really heart rendering.

  9. Life is an UNLEARNING process as well Avi. We freeze every day, as we keep learning. Similarly, unfreezing process also keeps happening simaltaneously. However, the pace of unfreezing is a lot slower than freezing. Hence, it is difficult to unlearn something that we have made into a habit, as our self over a period of long time. While ageing, it becomes difficult to unfreeze as fast as one could during their past.

    While reversing this process of learning becomes difficult, it is easy for a person who is open minded and ready to accept change.

    keep blooging…

    I blog at

  10. Avinesh says:

    @Ashu : I agree with you dude.. I understand freezing takes place but atleast one should give it a try to be an ideal person right.. Whats wrong in learning good things that you haven’t done till now.. Its all in attitude… If one feels it is really hard to be a good person then he will never be, until he tries really hard to be one..
    Almost most of things are difficult in life .. But nothing is impossible.. Determination is what matters..

  11. Sunayana says:

    Very nice post. Well written 🙂

  12. Gvs says:

    Well written.. I think u r going to be a good dad… 🙂

  13. Harsha says:

    hey avi nice one raa I liked the moral of blog… attitude matters more than anything in life

  14. amar says:

    nice post again…u told him about ur drinking and partying habbits…really….wat was his reaction…i m sorry if i m too personal

  15. Avinesh says:

    Initially my dad was like ok no probs.. Later when i used to tell him i was going to have a drink, he cautioned me of having beer rather than hard drinks..

  16. Sravya Polisetty says:

    Very bold..anna..i must say u hav guts

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