Hope -> Expectation -> Desperation -> Sadness


I am a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Specialist & Data Scientist. Language and patterns have always fascinated me. Other than work Fitness, Adventure Sports (Skiing, Surfing, Paragliding, Hiking) and Traveling describe me better.

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  1. Nithin says:

    nice post buddy…if more interested try reading some philosophy of swami vivekananda regarding work…he’ll explain how to give 100% to your work and yet not be attached to it…n also how to concentrate on the path rather than result…

  2. nemesis89 says:

    well i dont completely agree with your theory. How will one work without expectation? Really how will one know that what he/she has to do without knowing what his aim is? That aim is the expectation we try to fulfill.

    I do however agree that after giving one s best shot one shouldnt get disheartened. One can always improve their future attempts.

    Also one does require their momentary period of sadness to really know what sadness is. Theory of Relativity. Hehe

  3. Avinesh says:

    @nithin: sure dude.. But this is my philosophy of life…

    @nemesis: What iam saying is expectation about result..Suppose I wish to be the President of India and I try hard to fulfill my dream.. What iam saying don’t expect that it will come +ve to u always..Yeah I also agree with the Theory of Relativity..Sadness comes for sure to everyone..If you try out this suggestion hopefully the amount of sadness is reduced….It is really important to get rid of it as soon as possible.. Considering the +ve side of always being happy..

  4. geetha says:

    too long to read … executive summary em ledaa 😛 😛

  5. Avinesh says:

    @Geet : ori item.. Philo short lo unte maza undadu..ikkadaki vastav kada..appudu ista full long version 😛

  6. ravi says:

    mama…. endi ra.. rahul ee philosophical dawn anukunte nuvvu vadikante tata laaga tayaru avtunnav… avnu last doubt aa last bhagavat gita nee axiom aa… nijam ga dani ardam ade na.. nuvvu “knowledge is divine” ante knowlegde wine lantidi ani annatu nuvvu tried aa…. btw nice one… kummav.. keep blogging… 🙂 … keep bluffing…..

  7. kowshik palivela says:

    My first question to U .. do U really think any president of India ever thought of becoming a president ? ..

    ManY ppl who became famous didnt thought of becoming famous … they became famous because of their whole hearted work in their respective fields ..

    If we leave this discussion here and talk regarding expectations … if we dont expect and find some pitfalls we dont learn from mistakes ra .. and we need to have some sadness ra otherwise we cannot understand the smiley of happiness … 😛
    @avi : have U obeserved the smiley at the left bottom of the page ?

    and regarding the translation of bhagavadgeetha .. there is some correction … Lord krishna said that do ur work and dont be concerned about the results .. He didnt say that U will be `well` rewarded ..

    anyways nice post ra .. 🙂

  8. kowshik palivela says:

    ohk .. U said prepare for everything .. fine fine ..

  9. Avinesh says:

    @kowshik : I also thought the same about the bhagavadgeetha line.. But ekkado net lo ala rasedu.. And manavallaki elago sanskrit radu kada.. so took some advantage :d ..

  10. Hmmm , couldn’t manage myself to read such a lengthy post. I’m looking forward for an epitome [:P]. Anyhow , keep going. write a funny post next time.

  11. kowshik palivela says:

    nee yenkammaa .. nee axioms tagaletta ..

  12. Avinesh says:

    @SRP: yeah next di ade.. already processing.. papam na viewers mari intha philosophical aythe feel avutaru…

  13. geetha says:

    btw my initial is not bhagvad 😛

  14. Karthik Gali says:

    mama… awesome blog raa…..keep blogging

  15. Aditya Veluguri says:

    Ni ayya .. bhagavadgeetha lanti vatilo unna qoutes ni istam vachinatu marusthunav kada ra .. pothav ra arey .. final ga nuvvu akkada kittaya cheppinde cheppav … do the work .. leave the result… ante simple ga machines laga undamanadu

  16. harsha says:

    Good post ra. btw good topic u have chosen. though lil lengthy interesting to read, in future also write blogs on good topics which will attract others

  17. Avinesh says:

    @Vadi : Orini andariki baaga gurtu undi roii sanskrit.. Mari intha controversies aaa so thesestunna aa line..

    @harsha : Thanks dude.. yeah surely will follow ur advice..next one will be bit hilarious.. Break to philosophy for sometime..

  18. saki says:

    arey.inta peddadi chadavadam kastam kaani…

    katte kotte teche type lo short ga vundali..

    ayina research cheyakunda endi ra ee sodanta 😀

  19. pandiri says:

    A teacher is person who tell what he knows..
    A preacher is a person who tell what he follows…

    Hope you r n’t a teacher..

    n e way nice post

  20. Avinesh says:

    @Saki: Orey lazy ass..kanisam ippudaina chaduvu ra..elago IIIT lo undi emi peekaledu 😛 ..

    @Pandri: Iam neither a teacher nor a preacher.. Just sharing my views with you all..anyways iam definitely not a teacher 🙂 ..
    Thanks dude…

  21. Saladi Rahul says:

    Hey avi…. nice topic that you have chosen. This has been a topic that has been debated from ages and yet I don’t find a unanimous answer to this question. Personally I feel there needs to be a target in our mind for coherent work to go on … but at the same time what is needed is the ability to handle the outcomes at various stages of our work and even the final result. People sometimes take it for granted that just because they have worked for something or want something dearly..they should be rewarded with the appropriate result. Here is where the root problem lies.

    Anyways….we seem to be having almost the same line of thinking on this issue.

  22. gowri dev says:

    good attitude mamu neeways being a MT lab student(s) it is a implied notion with which every one works 😛

  23. Ashutosh says:

    Hi Avi,

    What you say is right. Faith, Hope, Expectation, Needs, Wants, all these are inter-related and will in some way remain dependant on every other emotion. There will always be sorrow when there is a hope, because hope mothers hope, and not every expectation is fulfilled similarly. Same is the case with faith. You might want to read this small write up on my blog on losing faith.


  24. hellboy says:

    gud one 🙂 .. manchi examples ichav 😛 ..

  25. bharatambati says:

    nice one ann.
    kani anni philosiphy meede rasthunnaru… vere flavours kooda choopinchandi 🙂
    I 2 had similar ‘my philosophy of life’. “If you expect from others and if they couldn’t reach your expectations, then there is very high chance that you will fell sad/ get angry and what not. But if you don’t expect anything in return, even if he does a something thing in return may be very tiny thing, you will feel very happy/makes good impression of the other etc… But the problem here is that sometimes the later leads to the former :)”

  26. Srivatsava says:

    What will you say to the guy, Reinhold Niebuhr who says “Aim for the stars and maybe you’ll reach the sky.”” 😛

  27. Avinesh says:

    @bharat : yeah what you said is true..yeah vere flavour vastundi..

    @Srivatsava: Aiming for Stars is good.. Having a goal and a determination to reach is very good.. But the thing iam trying to say is anything is possible in life.. If you are trying to reach the stars and you aren’t able to fly then don’t feel sad about it..

  28. Avinesh says:

    @hellboy : This isn’t a copy..Its my own experience..

  29. Good Post Quick read and informative.

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