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I am a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Specialist & Data Scientist. Language and patterns have always fascinated me. Other than work Fitness, Adventure Sports (Skiing, Surfing, Paragliding, Hiking) and Traveling describe me better.

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7 Responses

  1. rahul says:

    Interesting read !! Fourth point you made makes me think what are the “broad categories” from which happiness can be obtained … one of them as u say is by making the other person happy.

  2. hellboy says:

    touching indeed !! ..

  3. Sainath says:

    A nice post avinash,
    some times knowing & experiencing in real is better then just sitting & thinking about it.

    Way to go man, hope you continue this,

    by the way i still have doubts about you going too grandma’s home 😛

  4. Sundeep says:

    Stongly Likes this post!!

    btw provide some more information about the cute girl that u were hiding abt 😛

  5. Avinesh says:

    @ rahul: Its true there are many ways leading to happiness :).. This was the best 🙂

    @Sainath and Sundeep:
    Dudes If there is a cute gal I wouldn’t be in campus atleast today :D…

  6. Sundeep says:

    we haven’t seen u in the campus today…:D

  7. Suman says:

    Dude I was not aware of this “angle” of the hunk ! … 🙂 ..

    I think if there were sincere “praying lips” and they remained as “praying lips” .. it must be because of some reasons like lack of appropriate environment for them … when some “helping hands” create that environment, even the “praying lips” will transform into the “helping hands” 🙂 …

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