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All set for the journey 0

LoneRider: Expecting the Unexpected

First journey of the road trip (285km: Jodhpur to Jaisalmer) Feb 2nd was my last working day with IBM Watson. We had a great farewell lunch and I got to say good-bye to most...

The journey begins 0

Planning an unplanned Bike Trip

As you all know I am on an unplanned journey riding my bike across India. There is definitely a little planning involved in an unplanned Bike Trip.

Scuba diving in India 1

Scuba Diving in India

Scuba diving is one of those adventure sports where you don’t need to do much physical activity, rather enjoy the beauty of the nature. It’s popularity has picked up in India. It is definitely...

Transformation: Before After Pics 10

My Transformation: Skinny -> Bulky -> Ripped

Before starting I want to tell that I am not an Actor, I am not a Fitness model, I am not a Fitness guru. I have a day job which I love and fitness...

Havelock Island 4

Scuba Diving in Havelock (Andaman)

Long awaited vacation since I joined the corporate world (IBM Watson). You come to a new place, settle down and by the time you know 6 months are already over. Scuba diving was pending...

Eurotrip 0

EuroTrip Backpacking

I never thought I would be interested in traveling. Thanks to my Czech friends who have introduced me to the concept of “Backpacking”. I did trekking before but camping and trekking for a week...

Skiing in India 0

Skiing in India

Skiing is an adventure sport which has lots of adrenaline rush. Well I was first inspired by this sport when I saw kids in Lucerne, Switzerland skiing down the slopes of Schilthorn. 4-5 years...

Mental Strength vs Physical Strength 0

10 days Vipassana: a taste of a monk’s life

It has been almost a year I did the course and started this post. Finally the post is up. I told my mother about doing the course she told me that she had heard...

I believe I can fly!! 3

“I believe I can fly” – Paragliding Course

“I believe I can fly” this is how it feels when you are literally high. For adventure freaks paragliding is yet another fascinating sport. Flying is thrilling, it feels as if we have wings...

Children of Thara 7

Helping Hands > Praying Lips

It’s true that Helping Hands play a significant change in our society and not generous praying. Well for a while I was also part of the bunch of guys who just talk about social...